Harvest Is Beginning

| 8/21/2015 2:54:00 PM

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Chef ElizabethWhere has summer gone? The golden rod is in full bloom, swaying in my meadow as if in a dance with the Queen Anne’s lace. The crickets are busy chirring and the birds are stopping to fuel up on their way South. The baby raccoons and groundhogs are all grown up and fending for themselves.

The baby pileated woodpecker was caught begging for food yesterday from its parent, even though he is just as large as they are.


baby raccoons 

hunting for bergamot 

The nights are getting cooler and maple leaves are finding their way to the green carpet all over the farm. Harvest time is beginning and my days are about to get busier.

9/2/2015 7:00:54 PM

Erin has a wonderful idea in one of her older posts about freezing 1 & 1/2 cup amounts of zucchini milk to use in place of the liquid in her bread recipes, and also added to her soups. My favorite is zucchini pancakes! Mary from Old Dog

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