Hiatus is Over and the Farm is Waking Up for Scrambled Eggs

| 4/6/2015 8:52:00 AM

Lori HavensAfter taking a month-long hiatus from the farm in order to see to my parents' move to an assisted living apartment, my husband and I finally returned to celebrate Easter with our son, Farmer Bryan, at the beautiful farm in Wisconsin! One of my favorite moments was when I walked into the barn, greeted Kuzco (our llama) and the four ewes, who are no longer so skittish and afraid of my presence ... and then opened the door to the brooder where the young layer chicks have been since their arrival last December at the age of two days.


When I left to help my parents, this is what they looked like ... juveniles, pretty much allover white in color:

White hen

Oh, the chicken loveliness that greeted me today! Beautiful, grown-up laying hens of the most soothing cream color, many showing brown flecking at their necks and wing tips ...

Grown Up