Homemade Christmas Gifts From the Farm

| 12/19/2013 10:13:00 AM

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Lori HavensChristmas on the farm is a new experience for our family, since we just moved to this lovely patch of the Earth this past June, but I already know that homemade farm gifts are exactly what we will be sharing with family and friends. The staggering costs of starting up a farm mean that funds are tight, as they may be for your family, so creative gift giving is that much more important. Gifts in a jar aren’t anything new…I’ve both given and received layered cookie and brownie mixes, as well as soup mixes, and they’re delicious. But I came up with a unique idea this year, and I’m happy to share it with you.

Our “Farm on the Hill” had mature grape vines when we arrived, and they provided us with eight pounds of flavorful, organic green grapes from which I made lots of jam for gift-giving.

Wisconsin Green Grapes

Farm on the Hill Green Grape Harvest

Grape Jam
Farm on the Hill Organic Green Grape Preserves

In addition to our farm-made jam, I’ll be adding large jars of home-mixed, good-for-you, flavored instant oatmeal. I’d come across a blogger who shared her recipes for really yummy homemade, healthy instant oatmeal packets (see source at the end of this post). They are simple to make, and scrumptious to eat! I was oven-canning our pantry’s dry goods to keep them safe from the mice that occasionally get past our two farm cats and make their way into our old farmhouse, and I decided to make larger batches of this wonderful instant oatmeal to fill a few quart canning jars.

12/22/2013 6:05:46 PM

Lori, welcome to the Capper's blogging community. My heart was always to live in the country but my passion just wasn't shared by the rest of the family. I had to satisfy that passion with gardening which has blossomed greatly since the kids have grown and left .... well almost left. One is still at age 29 trying to get started in life. I do envy your country life but just don' have that kind of energy in this retired season of life. I wish all the best for you and your family. Your are really fitting in with the country jam as gifts. It should be so simple in the city as well. ***** Have a great county jam day.

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