Rabbit Pot Pie

| 2/6/2014 9:23:00 AM

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An Alternate Meat Source/Rabbit/Rabbit Pot Pie 

DJ WilsonDad raises rabbits for one of our meat sources on the farm. The other day we dressed some rabbits, and we had two that were a little older and bigger so I cooked them in the slow cooker overnight. I added two onions diced and some salt, pepper and, of course, water to cover. They simmered away on the high setting overnight – the aroma was very nice! When the meat had cooled, I took it off the bone and the result was three sandwich-size bags of rabbit meat for the freezer and about four cups of meat to use. There was also good amount of broth – about 1 quart. I would note that when you cook rabbit in this fashion you need to strain the broth as rabbits do have lots of small bones.

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Generally, when I cook rabbit for Dad, I fry the rabbit. We process the rabbits at about 8 weeks or about 2  1/2 to 3 pounds of meat when dressed. Rabbit this size is perfect for frying. I will talk more about fried rabbit in another post.

2/9/2014 1:47:58 PM

DJ, sounds delicious. Now all I have to do it find a rabbit. Where oh where is dat pesky wrabbit (Elmer Fudd). Lord knows there are certainly enough around my urban neighborhood but if I caught one and a neighbor spied me skinning the very wild pet they feed in the Winter, I'd be on the you know what list forever. Sad but true. City folks have made all wild animals into pets that need to be protected from the evil people that want to kill them. They kind of forget that the steak or chicken they're eating was once alive as well. ***** Have a great rabbit pot pie day.

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