Repurpose Your Autumn Decor ... Make a Pie

| 10/31/2017 10:17:00 AM

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CA SimonsonFall is a beautiful and splendid time to decorate with so many colored leaves, chrysanthemums, and pumpkins! Many of my neighbors have small pumpkins, or carved Jack-o-lanterns out of the larger pumpkins sitting by their entryway. I wonder if they know they can reuse them? I asked my neighbor if I could have her pumpkins when she was done. She said, “Yes, but why?”

“I’m going to make pies; those little ones make the best ones,” I said.

She replied, “I make mine out of a can.”

It is easier to buy a can of pumpkin from the store, and most people may do it that way, but the flavor and freshness of fresh pumpkin is missing. Yes, it does take a bit of work, but it is so worth the time and effort in the middle of the winter!

Smaller Pumpkins Recommended

pumpkins in the grass
Small Sugar Pumpkins.

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