Trying an Ancient Wheat

| 3/28/2014 2:11:00 PM

Lori HavensOver the last 10 years, I've done a lot of reading and learning about food. I've been a "raw-foody," a vegan (briefly, but I felt better than I had in decades doing this ... I just couldn't keep it up with a young homeschooling family to care for who did NOT want anything to do with my food schemes!), a junk-food junkie, a fast-food junkie, a ... well, you get the picture. I recently came across a doctor who was interviewed on TV about his book titled, "Wheat Belly." Fascinating! I love breads ... comfort foods. I mostly buy organic, or grind my own organic wheat into flour to make my own bread. I love doing this! Even so, for the last few months, something in my system has felt "off." I'm not getting any younger, and I know I need to be more careful with my health each passing year. My love of breads and pastas has caught up with me! Personally, I'm not interested in the "Paleo Diet," nor do I ever want to go "vegan" again, for a number of reasons. I think God gave us all these good foods to eat ... even Jesus ate them, so I have to believe they're OK for me, too! So how to reconcile that?

As I listened to the "Wheat Belly" doctor's interview, he talked about the problems that can occur with our modern wheat, which no longer resembles the original stuff. It was fascinating to me. I know that not everyone has a problem ... but I think I'm developing one, and I want to stop it in its tracks. So I did a search for ancient wheat, and I found this stuff:


It's called "Einkorn" wheat. It is the only remaining wheat that has never been hybridized, making it the genetically purest wheat available today. Jovial provides the einkorn wheat that I bought ... I purchased mine here.

Since I'm trying to get to a place where I only eat foods in their original state (that's a looooong, tall order, by the way, one that is going to still take time if the good Lord allows me more of it!), I thought I would give this new ... I mean, this old wheat a try! Einkorn wheat has been on the earth for many thousands of years! (Learn more about it at the Jovial website, here.)

Einkorn Box