Vanilla Infused Cherries Recipe

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By Shaye Elliot | Jun 20, 2018

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Whole vanilla beans give these delectable cherries a delightful vanilla flavor. Top off these canned cherries with homemade honey syrup for a burst of sweetness.
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  • 55 min


  • 25 min


  • 30 min


  • 1 quart jar



  • Roughly 2 pounds of cherries per quart jar
  • Whole vanilla beans
  • Honey syrup


  • Pit the cherries, if desired. Sometimes I'm feeling awesome and pit them all. Sometimes, I just throw them into the jars as is and deal with the pits while I'm eating or cooking with them later on. Up to you! A $20 pitter will be worth its weight in gold, though, should you decide to pit them all.
  • To the bottom of a sterilized, warm, glass canning jar, add a quarter of a vanilla bean. Then, stuff the rest of the jar with cherries!
  • Top off each quart jar with honey syrup, leaving 1/2 inch headspace.
  • Add a lid and band to each jar.
  • Process in a water canner for 25 minutes. Remove and allow the jars to sit on the counter overnight to cool and seal before transferring to storage.

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