The Grandmother of Cooking Contests--The Pillsbury Bake-off

| 4/16/2012 10:47:00 AM

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Janann headshotPillsbury Bakeoff cookbookThere was a time when the Pillsbury Bake-Off was a REALLY Big Deal; before television was taken over by reality shows and food challenges. Everyone, even noncooks watched the Bake-off.  Like the swallows in Capistrano or the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., the Bake-off returned year after year. Back in 1949, it didn’t start out to be a national treasure.  I wonder how many years the company thought it might last. The original contest known as the Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest was a classy showcase for Pillsbury flour.  It was advertising directed to America’s homemakers.  The first Bake-off was held at the elegant Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and was hosted by CBS radio personality Arthur Godfrey.  A legal entry had to use Pillsbury’s Best Flour in her recipe. Yes, men are welcome to enter, but the only male champion won in 1996.

SmoresHumans have been cooking since fire first burned a roast, and most likely humans have been comparing the flavor of their roasted wooly mammoth against their neighbors' for just as long. Through the years there have been competitions for chefs, but what genius to have a contest for Mrs. Average American.

Originally The Pillsbury Bake-off was an annual contest, but since 1976 it has been held every other year. A staple on CBS until 2002, the list of Bake-Off hosts is a list of our changing times: Arthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter, Bob Barker, Gary Collins, Willard Scott, Alex Trebek, Phylicia Rashad, Marie Osmond. Apparently the all-important demographics hit even this venerable institution.  It was not broadcast from 2004 – 2006, and since then the Bake-Off has bounced around looking for a permanent home. 

Can you guess the decade?     

Starlight Double-Delight Cake - Yes, the early 50s- where else would we be but the Starlight Drive-In

Accordion Treats - had to be late 50s, when Lawrence Welk and his group entertained us weekly
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Cindy -thanks for the compliments. I have to agree, watching the cooking on tv makes me eat more too. Glad you took time out of your busy schedule to comment. I'm into spring camping right now. Before Easter went with the Cub Scouts to Huntsville to the Space Museum - camped out on the coldest nights they had in a month. Tomorrow head out with the Girl Scouts for a jamboree. I can truthfully say I'm going to be tired of S'mores by Sunday.

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Great theories about why the bake-off, Janann; they're all very plausible too. theory why the Pillsbury Bake-off is so popular is that it makes people like me, who don't bake, hungry. We eat vicariously by watching other people bake the things we'd love to eat! (Okay, so maybe that's not a very plausible theory at all). You always have such interesting and entertaining posts; I loved "Library Food" - I haven't had a lot of time to comment lately, but enjoy reading your blog.

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