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Easy Swedish Sausage Recipe

By Karen Keb

Making homemade sausage can be easy. Try this Swedish sausage recipe to see how simple it can be.

Finnish Beef Meatballs Recipe

By Karen Keb

This Finnish beef meatballs recipe is easy to make, serve and eat.

Boiled Potatoes Recipe Browned in Sugar

By Karen Keb

Boiled potatoes get dressed up with this Icelandic recipe for potatoes browned in sugar.

Danish Rice Pudding Recipe

By Karen Keb

Include almonds in this Danish rice pudding recipe as a tasty addition.


Finnish Turnip Casserole Recipe

By Karen Keb

Finnish turnip casserole is warm and comforting.

A Dinner Party and a Hunting Knife or Two

By Janann Giles

At first glance a dinner party and hunting knife don't seem to go together but then you probably don't know Ethan Becker or his mother or grandmother.

Finnish Potato Salad Recipe

By Karen Keb

This Finnish potato salad recipe is a nice variation from the American classic.

Danish Braised Red Cabbage Recipe

By Karen Keb

This Danish braised red cabbage recipe is both sweet and tangy.