Humor and Nostalgia

Fiction: Crossing Trails Christmas Tradition

By Greg Kincaid

Meet witty Mary Ann McCray and take note the predicament she has gotten herself into for this year’s Crossing Trails holiday program.

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

By Leah

Christmas trees in my life.

New Year is Almost Here

By Mel Boone

New years resolutions are not easy for me to keep.

Christmas Memories

By Mel Boone

I'm going down memory lane during the Christmas season.



By Mel Boone

This time of year brings back memories of past holidays.

A Love for Trucks

By Mel Boone

I've always loved trucks, especially the old ones.


By Mel Boone

It's been a while since I've been fishing, but I still remember the good times I had.

Time to Trick or Treat

By Mel Boone

At last, my favorite holiday will soon arrive. Don't let the goblins scare you!