Seabee Meets an Aborigine During the Second World War

Naval man on leave in Australia is surprised by an aborigine.

| Good Old Days

My father, Thomas Williams, served his time in the Navy during the Second World War. He was a Seabee, and was stationed in the South Pacific most of the time. I heard many war stories, but this one stuck with me. 

My father heard about a beautiful waterfall while he was stationed in Australia. He wanted to see this, so he asked the other guys to go with him. They wouldn't go along. Since he was more or less a loner, he went by himself.

To get to this waterfall he had to go up a very steep hill. It was so steep, he had to get down on his hands and knees to work himself to the top.

Now he could see over the crest of the hill. There stood an Australian native: paint, feathers and all. Daddy couldn't stay where he was, so he moved to where he could stand. Now he was thinking "aborigine." He was never so scared in his life. He just stood and looked at the native. All kinds of things were going through his mind.

The native looked at him, and with his Limey accent said, "Good day, sir."

Dorothy Williams
Hamburg, Pennsylvania

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