Adoption Stories: Toddler Became Child We Couldn’t Have

Readers share stories of how adoption has touched their lives.

| September/October 2011

I had always believed having children was a birth right, but this was not the case for my husband and me. After five years of marriage and everyone asking when we were going to start a family, we didn’t have an answer. We had discussed our alternatives, searched our hearts, sought medical counsel and completed courses of medication to enhance fertility. We dreamed of having a child, but we finally accepted infertility as God’s plan for us. The completed application process through the local public child welfare agency made our decision official. We would provide a loving home for a child in need.

At work one day, my telephone rang. It was our caseworker, who said there was a 2½-year-old child available for pre-adoptive placement. There was, however, a potential legal risk, as the decision to terminate the mother’s parental rights had been appealed by her attorney. But I was reassured that no one expected this to be a problem.

A new foster home was needed for the child, and if we accepted the placement first as foster parents, then this could possibly be the child’s last move, and the answer to our prayers.

I said we would do it, and we scheduled a visit to meet the child. I then called my husband and told him the news.

The day of our scheduled visit was warm and inviting as we drove over the winding, hilly country roads toward a monumental event. My husband and I were fully committed to the trip that we knew would hopefully become a life-altering journey.

I glanced down at the gift on the seat between us and realized it had become our tangible symbol of love for a child we hadn’t even met. We had scoured every store in town looking for the perfect toy. It had to be perfect.

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