Remembering Daddy

| 8/21/2017 9:00:00 AM

farm sign 

Fall has arrived, and another school year is beginning. I saw the bus go by this morning and it brought back memories of my daddy, Arvil Roberts.

As I've said before, Daddy was born on Old Home Farm in 1920. He went to school at Bruno, which is the first agricultural school in the state, and graduated in 1938. He joined the WPA and helped to build the agri building and shop, not realizing that one day he would actually work there.

Daddy in front of Agri Bldg

Daddy was drafted into the army in 1945 and took part in the D-Day invasion. His division, the 448th AAA BN, landed on Utah Beach and linked up with General Patton's troupes on their march across France and into Belgium and Germany. They wanted Daddy for a sharpshooter, but he declined, so he became an anti-aircraft gunner. Later when they discovered that he was a good mechanic, he became a driver for the officers as well.