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| 7/30/2012 10:27:00 AM

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My Field TripThe heat has been so bad lately I feel I’m trapped in the air conditioning. Finally, we had a little rain and a cold front come through
dropping the temperature to only 98, making the mornings bearable. That’s when I grabbed my camera and took a drive.

I was visiting a friend’s office one day last month when I saw one of their co-workers art project; a collection of staples formed into a crude dog shape. It was enough to spur my interest in finding other art oddities.  

dog staples two staple pile 

And I found some good ones: trees with delicate carvings, this one sits in front of a lawyer’s office.

legal tree 

At the entrance to a cemetery

7/31/2012 10:10:32 PM

Susan, the heat here in eastern Nebraska has been extreme this year as well. This is day 42 without rain. Most have given up on keeping the lawn in any other state than survival. I'm still hauling water to Terra Nova Gardens at least three to four times a week. It definitely is starting to pay off. The harvest is large. A basket full of tomatoes every couple days, leaves me scrambling to keep ahead with the give aways. I'm really not set up for canning this year but may be forced into it. The pumpkins and watermelons have been harvested. I don't let a little heat stop me from working in the garden. I am in process of cleaning dead weed debris off the open area of Terra Nova Gardens. I work a little, rest a little, drink lots of water, and talk a little with the neighbors. Of course in the heat of the afternoon, I nap and replenish fluids as while working in the heat no matter how much water drank dehydration happens. When the weather cools, more hard labor work can be accomplished. We have a couple tree stump art projects near my house. It's really amazing what those chainsaw artists can do, isn't it. Have a great day and stay cool.

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