Attended One-Room Schoolhouse

Had no complaints about attending a one-room schoolhouse as a child.

| Good Old Days

For thirty years we had kids in school, and if their complaints about the hot lunches served to them were laid end to end, they would circle the earth! And to think, when I was in grade school, in a one-room schoolhouse, I had never even heard of a hot lunch.

We took our lunches from home, in a bright-colored lunch box if our parents had money, and few did. A lard bucket was next best. Mostly there were paper sacks or newspapers tied with twine. And since paper sacks were not plentiful, we smoothed out our sacks and saved them. We seldom saw wax paper, unless we had a loaf of bought bread and Mother saved the wrapper.

If you happened to have a piece of fried chicken in your lunch, you didn't throw the bone out. Heavens no! You saved it and took it home for your dog or cat. The same went for a crust of bread or a cracker you didn't eat. It seems sort of sad now.

There were no half-pints of milk served with our lunch! If we got thirsty, we went out to the well and pumped a drink of water and everyone used the same cup. (Sometimes a rich kid had a thermos with its own cup, but not often. There weren't many rich kids!)

I considered myself truly blessed if I had crackers and peanut butter. A pickle was a miracle. A piece of candy a rare jewel. How I envied the kids who had lunch meat on bought bread, cookies from the store, and extra things like jars of fruit or candy bars.

When I was in high school and fixed my own lunch, guess what I had!

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