Second World War: B-17 Radio Operator

This is part of the diary of a radio operator on a B-17 Flying Fortress during the Second World War

| Good Old Days

My husband, Berle M. Robinson, was the radio operator for a B-17 crew stationed in England during the Second World War. They completed 29 combat missions. Excerpts from his letters to his parents created a daily diary. 

12-26-44: We are now somewhere in Iceland, but I can't say just where. We had turkey for Christmas dinner, and it was really good. I have some foreign coins, which I'm saving for souvenirs.

1-11-45: I just received my first three letters from United States. I was sure tickled to get them, as I look every day for a letter from home. Makes a guy feel 100 percent better, no fooling. Can't say where I am - but still on my way.

1-30-45: I'm all right, but have begun to wonder if I'm forgotten.

I haven't had any mail for more than a week.

2-3-45: Our tour of duty began today. Oxygen was out of operation for the pilot, navigator and engineer. We got flak holes in the bomb bay.

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