Man Appreciates a Good Bathroom Prank

A reader relates a bathroom prank he did and a peanut prank pulled on him.

| March/April 2012

  • Box Of Peanuts
    My son knows how much I love peanuts, so he came up with the perfect gift to “get” me for Christmas one year – a box of peanuts in the shell.
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  • Box Of Peanuts

There are two pranks that stand out in my mind as being fabulous.

One was a prank I played on others, and I consider it my greatest prank to date. The other was a practical joke played on me by my son at Christmas one year. The hoax was quite creative on my son’s part, and I’m still amazed at the effort he put into it to pull it off.

Perfect bathroom prank

More than 55 years ago, after my wife and I got married, we settled in a small town in northeast Kansas. In that area, most people were responsible for taking their own trash to the city dump.

At the dump, it was common practice for people to set reusable items along the fence so their junk could become another person’s treasure.

One day while there, I saw a mannequin propped up along the fence. Seeing a great opportunity, I loaded it up and took it home. I dressed it in some of my wife’s old clothes and gave it a mop wig. Then I took it to the dealership where I worked.

I placed “her” on the toilet in the restroom near the parts department, which was the restroom primarily used by customers. Then I stood back and watched as several customers pushed opened the restroom door, then quickly shut it, saying, “Excuse me” or “Sorry.”

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