Be My Valentine

| 2/13/2018 12:00:00 PM

Mel Boone 

Valentine's Day is upon us already.  I'm not sure how it could be that February is half gone by now, but it is and  love and romance is in the air. It's is a joyful day for those who have a significant other to spend it with.

Chocolate and flowers will be delivered to many loved ones. Dinner date reservations will be made. Romance, it does still exist. It's a wonderful holiday that ends too soon and we're left with wonderful memories.

I wonder how many are in the same boat with me. I don't have that special person in my life, so Valentine's Day ends up just another day. No chocolate, no flowers, no dinner date. Then sometimes I wonder if I'm selling myself short on that idea.

I wake up every morning to a couple of furry creatures that insist on showering me with dog kisses every morning. If I leave, they greet me at the door excited to see me every time I come home. So what if I'm not greeted with candy and flowers? At least I'm greeted by those who honestly adore and are happy to see me.

The dinner dates are every day. That pretty much means that I eat while Jake and Buddy watch me in hopes of getting a nibble of whatever I'm eating. I guess that beats the heck out of eating alone even though the conversation can be one sided most of the time.