Bear Nearly Steals Baby on Kansas Homestead

Story passed down through the generations about one Kansas homestead couple's near-death experience with a baby and a bear.

| Good Old Days

My brother-in-law tells this story, passed down from his great-grandfather:

He and his wife were laboring together on their Kansas homestead, and of course, their baby son was taken to the field, to be wrapped in a blanket and laid nearby.

Once, to their horror, they glanced up to see a huge bear carrying off their precious bundle. The father followed. The bear stopped, lowered the baby to the ground, and covered it until only a mound of leaves showed. Then the bear left.

The father snatched the child and put the leaves back in place.

He then hid to see what would happen.

The bear came back with two cubs. She went at once to the pile of leaves and threw herself down upon it. She dug around, but her warm live prey was gone.

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