Best Practical Jokes and Fun Pranks

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The best practical jokes are the simplest.

Most of us have played a joke on someone at some point in our lives. And most of us have also had a prank played on us by friends, family or co-workers.

We asked our readers, “What’s the best prank someone pulled on you? What was the reason for the prank? Was it April Fool’s Day, your birthday, your first day on a new job, or just a perfect prank moment? On the flip side, what’s the best practical joke you played on someone else? Who was on the receiving end of the fun prank? Was that person a good sport, or did he or she get mad – or better yet, even?”

Our readers responded, and the best of their stories are available for you below.

Best Practical Jokes and Fun Pranks:
An Easter Egg Hunt Prank
Pranks to Pull on Sleeping People
Grandpa’s Attempt at Goat Joke Backfires
Students Jump at Frog Joke
Man Appreciates a Good Bathroom Prank
Boyfriend Receives Prank Letter
Men Trick Child into “Snipe Hunting”
Wife Pulls Video Prank on Husband
Husband’s Halloween Prank Startles Wife
Party Prank to Remember
Phone Call Prank Baffles Boyfriend
Wife Enjoys Playing April Fool’s Prank on Husband
Turkey Joke Causes Big Disturbance

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