The Best Things About Rural Outhouses

Rural outhouses had many practical and economical qualities.

| Good Old Days

I told my grandchildren that I was looking forward to reading about outhouses. They think one would be great and want me to tell all about them.

I described the outhouse as having been built in many different styles. Early American, Dutch, French Provincial, and Spanish. They were generally placed where the wind could hit them from all sides. Occasionally they were placed under a shade tree. We lived one place where it was tacked on to the far side of the chicken house. I think I will skip over the bad things, such as flies, wasps and snakes.

The good things I remember are:

1) The speed with which it served its customers. No one ever had to stand in line. Extreme cold or sweltering heat hurried them along.

2) They were very economical; one sack of lime each spring was the total expense. During the Depression this was a great help. 3) Country schools that could afford toilet tissue got a 3A rating in my book.

4) They furnished a lot of entertainment for the young people on Halloween each fall.

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