Blessings in Disguise

Readers share stories of how what seemed bad turned out for the best.

| March/April 2010

  • First Class
    A couple enjoys being upgraded to first class in "Trying Situation Taught Lesson on Patience."
    Brian Orr
  • Spanking
    Youngster was grateful to her mother in "'Spanking' Turned Out to Be a Good Thing."
    Brian Orr
  • Rudy & Barbara
    "Special Boy Brought Love and Laughter to Everyone Who Knew Him" - Rudy and Barbara in 1962.
    Barbara - St. John, Kansas

  • First Class
  • Spanking
  • Rudy & Barbara

Trying Situation Taught Lesson on Patience

My husband, John, and I began traveling by airplanes to different destinations in the 1970s. Hawaii was our first destination, and it became our favorite.

In 2006, we were once again on our way to beautiful Hawaii, using the last of our air miles. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, figuring this would be the last time we would make the journey. However, our excitement soon turned to frustration, when, after a two-hour delay, we were told that due to a major problem, we would have to reschedule our flights.

While John checked out the other airlines, I got in line at the desk to book us on another flight, wondering if we should just cancel the trip instead. I was about the 80th person in line, and it seemed like I waited forever.

Finally, I was at the front of the line, and the woman at the desk informed me that we were booked on a new flight, but we would be making two stops in California before boarding a flight for Hawaii. "And, because of the trouble," she said, "we’re boarding you both on first class."

What a dream come true! We had always dreamed of flying first class.

When we boarded first class in San Francisco, we were ushered to comfortable reclining chairs, where we were received warm washcloths, hot tea and a fabulous meal. During the duration of our flight, we were waited on hand and foot.

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