Book ‘Change the World for Ten Bucks’ proposes simple, effective actions

The organization We Are What We Do offers simple ideas for improving the world – and a recipe for Gingerbread Men!

| June 2009

The book “Change the World for Ten Bucks” (Chronicle Books 2009) proposes simple actions that everyone can undertake to make a global impact.

It makes sense then, that the site promoting the title, features a handy tool that lets visitors find volunteer opportunities in their own communities (via, a Web site that lists volunteer opportunities).

The book itself offers simple, often whimsical ideas that can be done any day. Not all of them are suited for everyone, nor do all the ideas seem equally valuable. Taken as a whole though, the collection provides some polite reminders of good behavior, a few novel ideas for bettering the world, and some idiosyncratic fun.

Inspired by the public

The idea behind the book took shape after the British organization We Are What We Do asked people to answer the question, “What would you ask one million people to do to change the world?” The responses weren’t sweeping policy changes, but small, everyday actions:

• Keep a promise.

• Read a story to a child.

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