Both Citizenship and Family Ancestry Treasured

Daughter is glad her mother’s family came to America from the old country.

| Good Old Days

As I grow older, I have many regrets. One is that I never listened more when Mother talked about coming to America from the old country.

She was born in a small farming village of Bohemia near Prague, or Praha. The village of Chrudim (we thought of it as Rodheim) was about 20 miles from the capital of Bohemia-Praha.

Their house was small, half of it being a barn for the poultry and animals. Grandfather would walk out each day to the sugar beet fields to work, often 16 to 18 hours a day. Another principal crop of that area was hops, from which the famous Pilsner beer was made.

Mother often spoke of tending the geese. Goose or carp is the traditional Christmas dinner entree. The feathers were also an important factor in the family's comfort. The feathers were plucked and "stripped" for pillow down and "featherbeds," which were similar to our present-day comforters.

Mother and her brother, Rudolph, were the only two of 17 children to reach adulthood. Most died in infancy, with the exception of one, little Tony, who lived to be 5.

The soil was rich, and farming was one of the main occupations. Grandfather was a farmer and a shoemaker for the castle at Prague. He was also a musician; I remember him trying to teach us to play the violin.

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