Brothers Were Successful During Oklahoma Land Rush

Family left Hungary and had a good life in their new world.

| Good Old Days

Elizabeth Kele was born in the town of Meskolisi, state of Borsod Megye, Hungary, on July 14, 1879. Little did her parents, Jonas and Barbolia Roscsie Kele, know of the adventure that lay in store for this tiny child. She had two sisters, Barbara and Mary.

Elizabeth's husband came to America first. They had two children, Joseph and little Elizabeth. She never heard from him again.

Later, family friends Charley, Frank, and Michael Kiss-who were brothers-Michael's wife Theresa and Elizabeth's sister Mary booked passage on a ship to the New World. Families said good bye again, this time with heavy hearts.

This story had a happier ending. The five immigrants arrived in New York some time before 1893. Their hearts were filled with wild hopes and dreams of things they could accomplish in their new land. They spoke no English. The early years were frightening and difficult.

Mary found work in New York and stayed there. The others worked their way west. In 1893, they heard of the Cherokee Strip Land Run in Oklahoma and made their way there to participate. The men made the run safely, but Theresa died in childbirth during it. Each brother received 160 acres of land, located southwest of what is now Alva, Oklahoma.

They worked the land, saving what they could and establishing their homesteads. Mike remarried. His second wife drank bad water without boiling it and died of typhoid.

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