Bull Shows Up in Yard of One-Room Schoolhouse

Bull in yard at one-room schoolhouse forced students and teacher to stay inside.

| Good Old Days

It was my first year of teaching and it was in a one-room country schoolhouse, located down the lane of a farm where in one of the grazing fields the farmer occasionally had cattle.

As I was a town-raised girl, I was apprehensive of the cattle but was assured that there would be no cattle in the field during school hours. I accepted this, but with much misgiving in my mind.

Each morning as I went down the lane, I carefully looked around the field before scurrying up to the schoolhouse. Only once in awhile would I see a few cattle down in the far corner grazing contentedly; paying no attention to me so I timidly but quickly got to the school and inside giving a sigh of relief.

We always had our recess outside, weather permitting, but this one morning one of the boys came to me and said, "Teacher, I don't think we had better go outside for recess today."

"Why not?" I asked, and Jim said, "Well, my Dad's bull is out in the field." I immediately agreed that we shouldn't go out but stay in and play some indoor games instead for a change.

Naturally the inevitable happened, nature called and one of the boys asked permission to leave the room. We looked out the window but didn't see our friend, so I agreed, but cautioned him to look carefully and if he saw him to not take any chances and run back inside.

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