Depression Era: Delicious Cake Recipe

Colorado woman shares a family cake recipe from the depression era

| Good Old Days

Here is a delicious cake recipe I often stir up and bake - it's just as yummy now as it was years ago, during the depression era.


About 1/2 cup oleo or shortening
1 cup brown sugar - beat these until smooth. 
Then add: 2 eggs and 2 cups fresh chopped apples.

Now beat until smooth in texture. Then add enough flour plus 1 teaspoon baking soda, some cinnamon and nutmeg, if available, until you have a firm batter. Last add 1 teaspoon vanilla and a couple hand fulls of raisins. Pour into a greased pan - bake in a moderate oven until done (about 35 minutes). When cool, cut into nice size slices, eat and enjoy! It's delicious and nourishing.

We ate lots of potatoes at our home - fried, boiled, baked, soup or hash. Mashed potatoes were always served every Sunday. I don't recall anyone ever saying "Potatoes again."

When I recall these memories I wonder how in the world our mother and the other ladies managed. Now I realize they were very special people.

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