Covered Wagons, Cattle Drive Draw Rustlers

Family accompanies cattle drive through dangerous Nebraska territory, despite warnings of rustlers.

| Good Old Days

My mother drove one covered wagon and my father drove the other when we accompanied cowboys on a cattle drive through the most dangerous sections of the Nebraska sand hills. I was a little girl, but I remember it well.

We had been advised not to drive through this section with the cattle because rustlers might attack. But my father said it would take too long to drive around, so we drove through anyway.

One night we were attacked by rustlers, and they tried to stampede the cattle and almost did. I remember the cattle running and bawling. My mother and I ran to the wagon and crept in for protection. It was lucky we did because our tent was torn down.

The rustlers did not get the cattle, but we discovered the next morning that they had driven our hobbled teams away.

The cowboys found the horses the next morning, and we finally reached our destination in safety. Guess we had too many cowboys for those rustlers.

Mrs. Roy Kirkwood
Turney, Missouri

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