Childhood Memories of Handkerchiefs

As a youngster and a schoolteacher, woman recalls the importance of handkerchiefs for men and women.

| Good Old Days

In my early grade school days, and even sometimes when teaching in the '20s, youngsters came to school with NEVER a handkerchief or even a rag.

The girls wiped their noses on their skirt-tails and the boy wiped theirs on their shirt sleeves!

As young ladies, a fine linen handkerchief was the final touch to our attire as we prepared to "step out" with our "beaus" ...or to go to church.

Handkerchiefs were always white. We could buy regular handkerchief linen by the yard. A yard would make nine. They could be hand hemstitched or roll stitched, all embroidered and with either crocheted or tatted lace edging. 50 elegant!

Ready made handkerchiefs could be purchased for five or ten cents - up to 25 cents for a real nice linen one.

For everyday use men and boys carried huge red or blue figured handkerchiefs - used nowadays for headgear, neck scarves, decorations of all kinds - everything except to blow your nose on.

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