Civil War Letters Talk About Court-Martialed Generals

Wisconsin soldier's Civil War letters home include talk of conditions and court-martialed generals.

| Good Old Days

Letters written by Benjamin Lewis, a member of the 33rd Wisconsin regiment, survived the Civil War. He talks about deplorable conditions, court-martialed generals, and troop movements, and the Confederate Army’s surrender.

April 15, 1863

Aboard the Bobray

Alexander, Louisiana

"Have had one of the hottest times since I have been in the Army. You probably heard about Banks' defeat by land and river. We was with the fleet. We got about 500 miles up Red River when Banks fell back, and the Rebs cut off our rear and got on our rear with their artillery. We had to run their battery for 200 miles. Our company was on board the Bobray, loaded with ammunition. She had five shells through her and musket balls without number. None of our company was hurt, but five battery men were wounded. It seemed that they were bound to take our fleet, but our gun battery made them hunt their holes.”

April 16

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