Railroad Stories: Clickety-Clack

A poem about the clickety-clack sounds of trains on the railroad tracks.

| Good Old Days

When I was a child in a small town,
I'd lay at night and listen to the sound
Of the clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
Of train wheels on the railroad track.

As it pulled to a stop, I'd hear escaping steam.
Hear it pulse as if alive, and it would seem
It couldn't wait to be gone again,
And showed impatience with mere men.

There was a sound of a whistle as it pulled away,
I could almost see the cars as they swayed.
And again, I hear the clickety-clack
Of train wheels on the railroad track.

In the distance I could hear the whistle
As it traveled through land of cactus and thistle.
As it beckoned to travelers, I could hear the moan
Of that heavy engine, born to ever roam.

I love the sound of a train rushing by,
Seems the stars give echo as they shine on high.
But I was earthbound and must stay at home,
Too young but to listen to the engine's moan.

Ruby O. Davis
Denver, Colo.

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