Colorado Homesteaders Walked Pass in Waist-Deep Snow

Five miles from a new home, Colorado homesteaders were drilled by a snowstorm for three days.

| Good Old Days

My brother-in-law and his wife were traveling with us when we took out for Price Creek, Colorado, my husband having found a better place to farm there. Our belongings had been shipped earlier by train, but my brother-in-law had a cow and a calf to trail.

Within five miles of our new home, a storm hit, and we had to camp for three days in our wagons. When the weather cleared the snow was about three feet deep in the pass we had yet to cross.

The men emptied what they could from the wagons and doubled up the teams to get them to the top of the rise. Taking turns carrying my four-month-old baby and pushing or carrying the calf, we waded those five miles in waist-deep snow.

We stopped at the first house we saw, and the people there gave us warm clothing and dried ours in the oven.

The men didn't get in for seven more hours. 

Mrs. Ethel McAlary Lasater
Myrtle Creek, Oregon

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