Double-Outhouse on the Farm

Woman recalls the large outhouse on the family farm.

| Good Old Days

I grew up on a farm that had a double outhouse or privy. Never saw any like it on any farm. 

Ours was a five holer, all under the same roof. The ladies' side had three holes, two large ones and a small and low one for children.

The other side for men had two holes, a wall divided the two. Each had an outside door and each a crescent near the top. This was for ventilation. Most outhouses were north of the home due to the south wind in the summertime to keep down odor.

If the hole was dug deep enough before the privy was put over it we didn't have much fly or odor.

Lime and wood ashes were put in the holes from time to time. The ladies' side had a wooden box between the seats to hold a Sears Roebuck catalog. The mens' side had a good supply of corn cobs.

Nellie Smith
Tabor, Iowa

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