Boyfriend Drafted: Love and the Second World War

D.C. woman's boyfriend was drafted for Army training during the second World War.

| Good Old Days

My boyfriend was drafted before I graduated from high school. We considered ourselves just good friends at the time he entered the Army. We wrote letters and exchanged thoughts on his training, my graduation and the second World War. 

Seven months after he left for Army training, he came home on a short leave. During this leave we both knew our chemistry was saying, "This relationship is more than good friends, it's love." We agreed to continue our friendly relationship on these terms.

Fritz had a war to win, and I had a lady's life to live; we were not going to be tied down. Our future together was only going to be after the War, if things worked out that way for us.

Fritz went overseas to New Guinea and the Philippines, having rough battles on a landing boat. I was employed at home in Washington, D.C. Our letters continued -lots of them.

We both wanted the war to end. We were lonely and in need of seeing each other. The War did come to an end. That was a happy day. Fritz and I ended our separation three days short of three years. We were married six weeks after he returned home.

Myrtle May Duin
George, Iowa

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