Editor's Notebook

| February 2007

Family created one cookie at a time

The voice on the other end of the phone was burly and big - a man's man if ever I heard one. The first few words melted my heart:

'Mom, have you been watching the Food Network? Alton Brown's Good Eats is awesome. … '

Yep. My son, reading recipes, wrangling the business end of a chef's knife and wielding his garlic press like a pro. Married just over two years, he's made his wife a happy woman by elbowing her out of the kitchen and declaring himself The One Who Does Most of the Cooking.

My daughter hasn't taken to cooking in quite the same way, but she does call to ask how I prepared that corn chowder or why I think her chili doesn't taste quite right.

My children and I have an uncommonly strong bond. We're good friends, we rely on each other, we know each other well, and we have fun together. Many of these bonds were forged in the kitchen. I was a single mother, and it wasn't always easy, but I was determined that my children and I were going to share our lives together, not just pass each other on our way out the door.

The kitchen is a natural place to get to know each other. There's opportunity for laughter, music, silliness and an insistence on safety, math skills and attention to detail. A great package, particularly since it also results in pizza and Chicken Roberta (our family name for 'leftovers and whatever's in the pantry.' The only rule was that it couldn't contain any chicken.).

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