Editor's Notebook

| May 2007

Prayer and action right world's wrong

In case you ever wonder how much difference one person can make, read the story 'Inspired family aids children in Africa' and see for yourself. Most of us read the sad stories that bombard us these days and think, 'What a shame.'

Pam, Randy and Crista Cope went many extra miles. I sometimes believe it's the extra miles we walk on behalf of other human beings, and on behalf of the Creation, that help us earn our angels' wings. In that case, the Copes are well on their way, and are in good company with George Achibra and his cohorts who are on the ground in Africa, rescuing children from slavery.

That sounds archaic, doesn't it - 'rescuing children from slavery' - as though it had been lifted from a newspaper in the 1860s. But unfortunately, slavery is perhaps even more of an issue globally than it was in the dark days before our Civil War. All over the world, women, children and men from powerless groups - or who just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time - are taken into bondage.

But what altered the course of human history in the 1800s is what is altering human history in this century: people of big hearts and bigger conscience willing to pledge their lives, honor and fortunes to ending misery on behalf of the vulnerable and powerless. So, while the mere existence of slavery in today's world should wrench the heart of every person of conscience, it shouldn't make any of us shrink away in paralysis or resignation. Remedies exist, and people like the Copes and Mr. Achibra point the way.

I hope you'll check out the Web sites or the organizations listed in the story, or any of the hundreds of other organizations that are working to make poverty and slavery history, and consider what you can do personally to contribute. If each of us does a little something - even if it's just adding names and organizations to our prayer lists and then making sure we actually do lift them up in prayer - we can turn this bleak and completely unacceptable situation around.

On a much happier note, we hope you'll have fun reliving some of your favorite parties as you read the letters in this month's Heart of the Home. In this issue, contributors talk about their favorite parties, and some of the letters are such a treat, we know you'll be in the mood for cake and punch by the time you finish reading.
K.C. Compton
Editor in Chief

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