Editor's Notebook

Times of uncertainty offer opportunity, too

| October 2008

I barely can stand to listen to the news these days – it seems as though every day brings a new announcement of financial or environmental meltdown. I don’t think it takes a genius to see that we’re in for some seriously stormy weather – both metaphorically and literally. The question is, how bad will it get and how long will it last?

As a single mom for many years, I developed a mantra for when hard times hit: “We’ve been through worse. It’ll get better. We have what we need to get by.” I think that mantra might come in handy on a very large scale now, and I think it’s one our CAPPER’S readers can offer to whatever community or social network to which they belong.

I was lucky to have been raised by a mother who went through the Great Depression and took much care in teaching me what she knew about saving money and conserving resources. I’m sorry to say I didn’t heed her teachings for much of my life. But one thing that’s as ingrained in me as singing from my diaphragm or looking people in the eye when I talk to them – also gifts from my mother – is the ability to go into any kitchen anywhere and make something out of nothing. I can stretch a food budget ’til it squeaks and still serve up delicious food.

I know that among our readers we have many with this skill, and others equally valuable. I know many of you know how to grow and harvest food and how to preserve the harvest. You know how to make clothes for yourself and those you love, and you know what it means to serve and care for others. You told us so in our survey, and you continue to tell us so in your letters to Heart of the Home.

The present and approaching difficulties in our society will need each of us, front and center, offering our wisdom and energy to our communities. As much as the times challenge us, they also offer opportunity – to remind ourselves and those around us what community means and how much each individual contribution matters. We hope you’ll write to us and let us know what you’re doing in your communities and in your families to reduce expenses and to help each other out.

Remember: We’ve been through worse. It will get better. We have what we need to get by!

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