Editors Notebook September 2005

Sometimes, love is a can of peaches

| September 2005

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Editor's Notebook

Kathryn Compton

Sometimes, love is a can of peaches

September's arrival reminds me of a night many years ago, just before my son was to enter kindergarten. On his best days, Austin was an angel, and even on his worst, he was rarely bad.

On this night, however, he was a holy terror. My first impulse was to sit him in a corner or send him to bed, but something made me reach deeper, and I realized that Austin's behavior had more to do with the pre-school jitters than a change in his nature.

With this insight, I snagged a couple of forks and a can of peaches - one of Austin's favorite treats - and headed into the monster's lair.

'Sometimes,' I said casually as I sat on his rug, 'people get scared about what's going to happen to them when they start something new. Do you ever wonder what kindergarten's going to be like?''

For a while, Austin stabbed silently at the peaches.

'Will there be a lot of kids?'' he finally asked.

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