Second World War: Engagement Ring Given on Furlough

During the second World War, a couple kept their love alive, even getting engaged while the soldier was on furlough with his bride-to-be.

| Good Old Days

 Ferdie and I were not married when the second World War started. But we were in love; he gave me my engagement ring on one of his furloughs home. 

The days he was in the Army were long and lonesome, but our letters helped. We planned our future home via our letters, knowing that someday we would live in it together. He drew the floor plans; I added details such as, “a white house with a blue roof.”

Many friends were getting sad news about their loved ones. I was concerned about Ferdie's safety too, of course, and prayed for him night and day.

He was wounded in the fighting in Germany. He was sent to France and then England for healing and therapy. Then back to the front. He was sent all over Europe trying to find his company, or one that could use him.

It was a frustrating time. He moved so often that he never had an address to send me so that I could keep writing to him. I wrote almost every day. He received some of them in bunches. The rest eventually found their way back to my parents' home months after we were married.

Heartbreaking letters went to some of my friends: "I don't love you any more," or "I'm not waiting for you." Never once in all those years of waiting and uncertainty did I doubt Ferdie's love and faithfulness. There would never be a "Dear Jane" letter for me.

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