A Tale of Two Schools

| 9/21/2018 4:27:00 PM

farm signLast weekend I attended an Alumni reunion at my old school. This is a common enough occurrence, but for me it is rather unique.

I am a graduate of a consolidated school. A combination of two schools that not only had great pride in themselves, but were also rivals.

The Bruno school is where I began my education. There had originally been two one room schools in Bruno, one on each side of Hampton creek.

But in 1920, the community decided to combine them into one school and built a large campus of buildings to house the elementary and library, a gymnasium and cafeteria, a building devoted to science, and an agricultural building. Several smaller one room schools were consolidated in as well during the following years.

In 1925, the then boom town of Pyatt, about 10 miles north west of Bruno built their own school campus and a rivalry was born. High School basketball became the major sport of the area, the games drawing large crowds of farm folks looking for an evenings entertainment, especially one featuring their own children.

Concession stands sprung up offering goodies not normally purchased for every day consumption. The coaches were good and the students were talented and communities were brought together for evenings of fun and fellowship.