A Typical Morning

| 9/7/2017 11:47:00 AM

 farm sign

Every morning as Greg leaves for work, the dogs and I have a morning ramble. It's good exercise for us all, and gives the dogs some play time. Our big dog, Beauregard, is a Pyrenees and German shepherd mix who would patrol the fence line of the entire 40 acres all day long if left on his own, so this is his favorite time of the day – freedom from the yard. My special buddy is the terrier and basset hound mix, Huckleberry. He is much more a stay-at-home companion, but he loves to trail and would willingly follow his larger companion if the smells were enticing enough. So this ramble of ours is a bit like taking the children to the park to play.


Old Home Farm is comprised of 40 acres, divided pretty evenly into pasture and woods. With the livestock in two side pastures at the moment, we elected not to Bush Hog the front field because we've seen coveys of quail, and lots of rabbits there. Our farm is not just livestock and pets. We have lots of wildlife sharing our home, and we try to accommodate them as well with grassy areas and brush piles in the woods.

Our ramble starts by walking up past my son's house to the barn, with the dogs checking out the fence line along the way. This morning they found a nest one of my guineas had made and had a nice breakfast of eggs before I could stop them. I say good morning to Polly the calf and move on around to check on the sheep. I notice that my oldest ewe, Honey, is looking rather heavy, as is Lacey, which could mean lambs are on the way. I make a mental note to buy grain to start feeding them in the near future as I take my morning walk.