Amish Humor

| 12/17/2014 4:54:00 PM

Annie MillerLiving in rural Pennsylvania, we were surrounded by a lot of farms including Amish ones. Sometimes my husband would be called upon to drive Amish people to places they couldn’t get to by horse and buggy. One day, he was shuttling a group of Amish passengers back and forth between various places. While riding down the road, an Amish bishop pointed out the window to a herd of cattle and said, “You know what we call that?” The herd of cattle was lying in the pasture. My husband had heard that when all the cattle are lying down in the pasture it indicates coming rain. He responded in kind. The bishop replied, “No; I call that ground meat!” And I call that Amish “pun!”

cattle | Fotolia/Steve Oehlenschlager

Photo: Fotolia/Steve Oehlenschlager