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| 7/14/2015 4:10:00 PM

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Mel BooneWhile in the backyard the other evening, I had company. Fireflies. I remember as a child running around Grandma and Grandpa Boone's backyard. If some of my cousins were there with me, one of us would have a Mason or Ball canning jar with a lid. We would all be running around like crazy trying to fill the jar with as many fireflies as we could catch.

That got me to thinking what else I tried to catch as a youngster. Well, there were crickets. That involved a shoe box with holes punched in the lid. Sometimes that shoe box would hold a frog or a turtle. Of course, with all of these animals, I wasn't allowed to keep them. I returned them back into the wild, alive and unharmed.

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I was never allowed to catch a baby bird. If I found one, I was instructed, usually by one of my grandfathers or an uncle, to leave it alone. However, once in a while, one would fly into a window. When that happened, I was told to get my trusty shoe box, minus the lid. The shoe box would then be used as a makeshift nest until the bird came to its senses and flew away.

I never had any use for catching snakes. The slithering things startle the daylights out of me. Even garter snakes, which are harmless, give me the creeps. I feel the same way about mice, unless there's a trap involved. Of course, me being me, I won't touch the dead mouse. I'd prefer someone else did disposal duty. The only mouse I have ever liked is a stuffed mouse that a coworker gave me for Christmas to add to my stuffed animal collection.

7/24/2015 9:12:18 AM

Mel, the sights and sounds of childhood are some good memories. I can remember catching the fire flies, blowing the fluff from the dandelions, exploring the creek behind the house, climbing trees, etc. Do kids do any of this stuff today? My grandson still retains the call of the outdoors so maybe the instinct is still in the kids of today to enjoy the things of my youth. ***** Sheeesh, another hot one here in Nebraska today. Heat Index will be over 100 again I expect. ***** Have a great animals in the yard day.

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