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He's Butchering 400 Hogs

By George A. Montgomery

Two hundred and fifty hogs were raised and butchered by William H. Jordan on his farm in Louisa County, Iowa, in 1928. He shipped the meat by parcel post to customers in more than 30 states. He’d rather have what the butchering end of the farm business clears him than the gross income from the 223 acres he operates if the hogs were sold on foot at the regular market price.

He began butchering homegrown hogs in 1924. The number slaughtered each year since has doubled that of the year before. This fall, Jordan had more than 400 hogs in the field husking corn and manufacturing meat to supply his customers.

The market for 62,060 pounds of hog in 1928 was not found by underselling butcher shops and other retail meat dealers. Jordan gets 5 to 10 cents a pound more for his sausage than the retail butcher, and consumers bear the transportation charges and pay for containers in which the meat is shipped.

Jordan left his father’s butcher shop and enrolled at the University of Iowa. After a year, he married and settled on a farm a few miles from the town in which the butcher shop was located.

The way to make money on an Iowa farm was to raise hogs, Jordan had heard. From 1913 to 1924, he raised and marketed 300 to 700 a year. In the meantime, the butcher business had become too strenuous for the elder Jordan, who was nearly 80 years old, and he had sold the shop.

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