Crystal Theatre: A Small-Town Gem

| 8/6/2015 3:06:00 PM

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Mary ConleyDear friends,

I was raised in the country in Iowa, but that was decades ago, so after living my adult years in a big city, I had no expectations of a social country life in rural Nebraska. Well, I did wonder if we would always be considered outsiders. We worked so hard on our weekend trips those first two years that we only had time to meet our closest neighbors. That has changed with retirement, and as we spend more time on our little farm, we have discovered that country people are the best. You may enjoy reading a popular post I wrote about some of these people awhile back called Country Roads and Country People. More recently, I wrote about the public library that we use in the neighboring town of Norton, Kansas, and how we met a dear friend there. Now I'm excited to tell you about a local movie theatre and how it is operated. It is another one of those stories that my husband, Larry, and I feel just blesses the heart. So, come along with us on our date night and experience the Crystal Theatre in Arapahoe, Nebraska!

the line at the Crystal Theatre

Yes, we are going to see the movie, "Max," which is excellent.


This photo gives a good perspective of the small area as we enter. You come in on the back left, pay for your ticket immediately inside the door while everyone else waits in line outside, go a few feet and turn the corner for concessions, or go a few more feet into the theatre. There is only one men's and one women's private bathroom. (Maybe you should just skip the pop!) I also chose this photo because I recognized this woman as Mary Upson, the real estate agent who showed us our little farm over six years ago!

8/11/2015 12:14:32 PM

Mary, small towns are the greatest, aren't they. My town that I lived near when I started life was a whopping 350 population. We lived a couple miles outside of town on an 80 acre homestead. Our theater was open only on Saturday night. One show a week. For 25 cents you could see the show, get popcorn, and have a drink. After the movie, every one when to the creamery down the street and had an ice cream cone. Great memories from those times. ***** Have a great small town experience day.

8/7/2015 11:24:23 PM

This is Larry in Riverton, Wyo.. so cool that theater is operational in the community that I grew up in. respects and do know will visit when able. Salute' Larry Kasson

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