Daily Walks

| 4/7/2015 11:23:00 AM

Mel BooneI took Jake, my Jack Russell terrier, for a walk a few days ago. On our evening walk, I had the chance to listen to a very beautiful sound, the sound of frogs. Between the first sounds of frogs and the cherry blossoms blooming, this is the best part of spring, right along with planting my garden.

The sound took me back to my childhood. Memories of nights spent on my grandparents' farm, laying in bed with the window open. They didn't have air conditioning back then (at least not until the 21st century arrived!) so an open window was a must at night. The sound of frogs would sing me to sleep. The coyotes would keep me awake. I get cold chills thinking about how close those coyotes got to the farmhouse. After Tasha, the German Shepard, passed away, some coyotes dared to cross the yard.

But on this evening, it's the frogs that remind me of a happier time. It's a simpler time that as an adult, I wish I had back. Their croaking puts a smile on my face.

We always end our walk by strolling past the yellow daffodils. They are planted by the southeast corner of the house. They are always so beautiful, but never quite last long enough for me.

daffodils | Fotolia/Samo Trebizan 

Photo: Fotolia/Samo Trebizan