I Give Up

| 2/10/2014 11:05:00 AM

Renee-Lucie BenoitPeople such as I who have come from the relative cleanliness of the city to the relative funkiness of the country eventually come to this conclusion: There’s no way to keep up with chores and also keep the house immaculate. I allow that there may be some among you who are clones of the White Tornado. You can do it all. But I’ll wager that most of you are like me. You can’t do it all. Something has got to give. In my world what gave was housework. I was never that good at it to begin with, but out here the environment stacks the deck against you.

mop and broomRecently we got the blessing of much needed rain. I’m trying to stay in the blessing frame of mind. We’ve had two solid days and there’s already accumulation to the tippy-top of my rain catchment system. Ya-hoodelly-hoo! Unfortunately there’s already accumulation of dirty footprints (dog and human) and little droplets of mud and various detritus all over the house. Someone in their infinite wisdom made our mudroom the size of a dog house. I’d like to call Uncle Guido and have him make that person swim with the fishes. So in an effort not to go insane I am relaxing my standards until the rain stops long enough to dry the place out. I can’t go around with a dust pan or mop and clean up after every sloppy entry point. Trust me. I’m not the vinyl-covered sofa person. I’m quite organic as compared to the next person. But enough is enough. There’s only so much a person can do.