Letters to the Editor from the Winter 2015 Issue

Reader’s let us know how much they enjoyed the old Capper’s Weekly newspaper, and today Capper’s Farmer magazine.

| Winter 2015

  • Tucker McCabe from Brownsville, Minnesota
    This photo of 2-year-old Tucker McCabe in Brownsville, Minnesota, was sent in by his father, Dan, who says Tucker was “pickin’ up chicks!”
    Photo by Dan McCabe

  • Tucker McCabe from Brownsville, Minnesota

Family Favorite

I really enjoy Capper’s Farmer. All through my growing-up years, Capper’s Weekly was an eagerly anticipated periodical. Often it was a contest between us three children to be first to the mailbox on the day Capper’s came. Each of us, as well as our parents, had a favorite section.

I learned so many cooking and housekeeping tips from the “Heart of the Home” section. I studied the styles from patterns featured in that section, and I still have at least one sewing pattern that I ordered.

News from the “Current Event” clips provided information for our high school class long before the days of Smartphones and Internet!

Etta Franklin
via email

Trip Down Memory Lane

My father’s mother, who died in 1997, subscribed to Capper’s Weekly, and sent it home with our family after church each Sunday when I was a child. We all took turns reading it to the best of our abilities. This would have been in the 1960s and ’70s.

Today I received an offer by email for Capper’s Farmer magazine, to which I have subscribed. I didn’t know there was such a publication, and I was so pleased to learn of it that I cried. The name “Capper’s” brought back such fond memories of my grandmother and a time when things were less complicated.

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