Letters to the Editor From Our Readers, Winter 2014

Reader’s write to our Capper’s Farmer editors about how much they love every issue, both old and new.

| Winter 2014

  • Chickens were sometimes traded for subscriptions to Capper’s Weekly back in the day.
    Photo by Fotolia/Pelz

A Fair Trade

Sometime in the late 1920s, my grandparents lived near Osceola, Iowa. One day, a salesman for Capper’s Weekly stopped by their home selling subscriptions. The cost back then was $1 for a year’s subscription. Money was very tight at that time, and Grandpa said he did not have an extra $1, but that he would like to subscribe.

The salesman was determined to make a sale, so he asked if my grandparents had anything that they would be willing to trade, such as produce or chickens. Grandpa thought about it for a few minutes, and then agreed to trade a couple of chickens. Paperwork was completed, and Grandpa told the salesman that the chickens were “lying out behind the chicken house.”

When the salesman found out that the chickens he had traded for were dead, he was very mad and left abruptly. Grandpa and Grandma thought that they would probably not get the Capper’s Weekly, but when the time came for it to arrive, it did – and they continued to subscribe for many years. My dad said it was the one paper he remembers when he was growing up.

I wonder how many sales that poor salesman made that had such disappointing and frustrating results.

Linda Chase
Chariton, Iowa

Your story certainly brought a smile to our faces, Linda. Thanks for sharing this funny memory!

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