Letters to the Editor From Our Readers, Spring 2015

Reader’s letters to the editors describe the wonderful memories Capper’s Farmer conjures.

| Spring 2015

  • Readers reminisce in their letters to the editor.
    Photo by iStockphoto.com/nancykennedy

Well Received

We just received the Winter 2014 edition of Capper’s Farmer, and it seems to be packed with good stuff as usual — and very attractive. I had asked all my Facebook friends to “like” the Capper’s Farmer Facebook page, and it certainly paid off for our friend Bob McMaster, as he saw your request for photos of past winter adventures. You chose two of his for this issue and rewarded him nicely!

Mary Conley
via email

Thank you, Mary. That’s great and congrats to Bob! Editors

Mary, who lives on a 20-acre farm with her husband and enjoys writing about country living, is a blogger for Capper’s Farmer. Check out her blog, Old Dog, New Tricks.

Tank Full of Memories

When I read your article “Wonderful Water Tanks” (Fall 2014 issue), I reminisced for a while about all the water tanks that have come and gone in my life. I’ve kept horses, goats, chicks, ducks, even a longhorn steer. Other than the obvious use, I’ve used tanks for chick brooders, duck pools, goat shelters, mounting blocks, grooming stools, you name it.

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